Ser socialista y apoyar el software libre es una total contradicción de ideologías. Los socialistas repudian la libertad.

Jul 22 2014. 2 Notes.

No more asks until I fix the script.


Jul 20 2014. 2 Notes.
La sonrisa de siempre.

La sonrisa de siempre.

Jul 20 2014. 0 Notes.

Anónimo ha dicho: hello,i want to know if its normal that right now the unfollower hater button doesn't appear for me? do i need to do something on tampermonkey or download something else ??

The script is under fix right now, it doesn’t work.

Jul 18 2014. 0 Notes.

Anónimo ha dicho: Does the new script use the same files which tracked the prior follower list? Also thank you for creating and maintaining this utility.

Yes, that won’t impact with the new script.

Jul 18 2014. 1 Notes.

Anónimo ha dicho: hi, I already installed unfollow hater on tampermonkey and I still don't see the button, is that normal?

Yes, because I have not fixed it yet.

Jul 18 2014. 0 Notes.


Ok I uploaded the script here:

It should be installed as usually on Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey, I didn’t have fixed it yet but you can test it or fix the code too.

birdhorse ha dicho: GreasyFork (.) org aims to be a replacement for userscripts, you could use that?

Nice, I will be testing there then.

Jul 18 2014. 0 Notes.

Anónimo ha dicho: userscripts-mirror*org is a copy of the old site, it still has unfollow hater on it. Maybe you could upload the new version there?

It is just a static mirror site, I can’t even access there :(

Jul 18 2014. 0 Notes.

Sorry guys, the script seems malfunctioning because Tumblr changed something in his web layout so I will fix this in these days, meanwhile I can’t share the current script and also I must look for an adecuate host for it.

Unfollower Hater will come back.

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